Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Letter from OI President Jack Creswell

Jack Creswell
2011-12 President
Optimist International

My fellow Optimist,

This is the year “it” is finally going to happen! So what is “it,” you are asking?

My reply is quite simple. GROWTH! That is what we are and must be all about for the foreseeable future. For far too long now, we have suffered under the burden of negative growth. Shrinking numbers mean financial problems, fewer projects and, finally, less service for our young people. Not a pretty picture.

These are certainly not any of the reasons you or I joined this great organization!

The group of leaders and Members who have come together this year have rededicated themselves to making us grow! No longer will you hear, “We can’t,” but rather, “What can I do to make ‘it’ happen?”
Now that you know and understand just what your job is (growth), we need to tell you where your resources and support are going to be coming from.

Our staff in St. Louis and Montreal stands ready to guide and direct you. Our website is just filled with information for your use. Also, never forget to call upon the current or, for that matter, the past leaders of our organization. All stand ready to serve.

Our theme this year, “100% and then some,” really says it quite nicely. It is, after all, that little bit of extra effort that will make all the difference.

“And then some” will make this the year others will talk about for years to come.

I ask of you most sincerely, step forward today so that tomorrow there will be an Optimist to hear a child’s call for help.


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