Monday, September 27, 2010

COER's and President Pride Report

Our year is coming to a close and deadlines are upon us. It is imperative that the Club Officer Election Report AND the President's Pride Report be submitted no later than September 30, 2010. These reports are necessary for your clubs to attain their honor status. The President's Pride Report tracks all the activities you have done for the KIDS this past year!! The COER helps the incoming district to have an up to date list of your incoming club's executive. This will also help to update the accuracy of the District directory online. Thank you for a great year and continued success in your upcoming year.

COER and President Pride Reports are available online from  Login, click on "Reports", and complete the applicable report.  You can also print a PDF copy of the report from

If you have not yet mailed your District dues payment, please mail them directly to Marilyn Bushell (incoming DST for 2010-2011) at:

Marilyn Bushell
4943 Marcombe Road NE
Calgary, AB.
T2A 4J5

Looking forward to seeing you all in Great Falls on Oct.8-9. Octoberfest awaits us all !!

Patti Welling
DST AMS&NW District 13

Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010-11 District Meetings Announced

The quarterly District Meetings provide the District Team and fellow club members from AMS&NW an opportunity to gather to hold the Executive and Board Meetings, present informative training workshops and hold an Optimist Banquet when we can recognize the hard work of the Optimists throughout the District. 
District Meetings are always planned as a family event and include a 'Companion's Program' for non-Optimist spouses and a 'Kid's Program' for the little ones.

Gov-Designate Tim Bell is pleased to announce the quarterly District Meeting schedule for 2010-11:
  • 1st Quarter District Conference - Great Falls, MT - 8-9 Oct 2010
  • 2nd Quarter District Conference - Moose Jaw, SK - 25-26 Feb 2011
  • 3rd Quarter District Conference - Billings, MT - 13-14 May 2011
  • Annual District Convention - Prince Albert, SK - 11-13 Aug 2011
  • 93 Optimist International Annual Convention - Baltimore, MD - 3-5 July 2011
We encourage all Optimists in our District to participate in at least one District meeting this year.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Charter Banquet - Penhold & District Optimist Club

Hi everyone . . .

Please mark your calendars for the Charter Banquet of our newest Optimist Club, the Penhold and District Optimist Club, on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010. Come out and support them and have a great meal and mingle. See banquet brochure for details and please respond as soon as you can to Brenda or Tara. Thanks so much.

P.S. Please put this on the agenda at your next meeting so any members that want to attend can. Thanks again!


Lt. Governor Laura

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 - 1st Quarter District Conference Invitation

You are invited to the 1st Quarter District Conference scheduled for October 8-9, 2010 in Great Falls, Montana. Enjoy the hospitality of the Great Falls Optimist Clubs and take the opportunity to meet with the District Team led by our Governor, Tim Bell.

Both a "Kids & Companion Programs" are available so you can bring the entire family. Just complete a Registration Form and book your room before they are all reserved!  Please note that the Registration Form has been revised and download link has been changed.  If you had a problem downloading the file, please try again.

Originally Submitted by Opt Roger Lesofski (Great Falls Uptown Optimist Club)

A Year of Opportunity

It has been a year of challenge and opportunity for all of us in the AMS&NW District.  The economy has continued to place a burden on our ability to maintain our club activities and encourage new members.  However, we have still achieved good growth in both members and the quality and capability of these new members.  Our conferences are more interactive, informative and faster paced.  We are reaching out to clubs more effectively and getting better feedback. And we have had fun throughout the year!

Being your Governor has been an honor and a privilege.   From today up to September 30 as one of my final requests I ask each club to add 2 new members in support of this year's District team.  Club Recognition for 2009-10 ... Thank you.

Darryl Sim
AMS&NW District

Club Recognition for 2009-10

Saturday, September 11, 2010

District Website Facelift

With the new Optimist year fast approaching, work is now underway to revise the District website for the 2010-11 Optimist year.

Members of the new District Team and incoming Lieutenant Governors are being emailed to ask for your comments and recommendations.

The District website will be "reset" to the 2010-11 Optimist year on October 1st.  If there is information that you want from the current website, you may want to make a copy of it.  Once the website is reset, clubs may want to verify any links that you made to the District website this year, as some links to pages will be changing to make them easier to find with Google or Bing searches.

YIO - Optimist Gord

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 Scholarship Competition Topics Announced

The topics for the 2010-11 Optimist International Scholarship competitions have been announced:


"How My Education is the Key to a Successful Future"

Oratorical & CCDHH

"If I Were Leader of the Free World, the First Issue I Would Address Would be ... "

Clubs are free to run a club-level competition to select winners to move on to the applicable Zone, Regional and District level competitions. Clubs can award monetary awards of up to $500 per winner for each competition.

Additional information is available at the following online information pages:

Garnering interest in Oratorical competitions has been difficult in recent years so clubs may want to consider approaching elementary schools (grades 5 & 6) to start a "Kids Speak Out" program or club.

All materials for club competitions can be purchased from Corall Group by visiting

A Few Words From Governor Darryl

Anatole Thibault, a famous French author, once said:  

"To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream.  Not only plan but also believe."

So I'd like you to dream with me and visualize the days of the 18th and 19th centuries in Canada and the United States and the time of an old-fashioned barn-raising.  Picture a young family needing a barn, so very necessary to the future viability of their farm.  Likely their first, largest and most expensive project.  A project requiring so much help that an entire community would need to come together to raise that barn.  Picture the advance preparation for lumber, hardware, ground preparation, meals, activities, cleanup and final celebration.

Visualize the people coming and working.  Everyone with something to do.  From one overseer to older experienced people as crew chiefs to younger people with less experience becoming assistants in critical roles, youngsters fetching parts and tools.  People preparing food for several meals through the day, overseeing children.  Any many other tasks and details.

And finally, at the end of the day, picture the barn.  What a wonderful sight.  See and feel the smiles, blackslaps, hugs, kisses and wiped brows.  Tears of joy and celebration.  Fellowship together.

An event of huge importance that would be paid forward again and again in that community over the years.
People coming together to achieve a common goal.

Sound link an Optimist club?
Most certainly!

What you do for children today is as necessary and vital as a barn was for that family.  Don't ever let yourself forget that!
Helping more and more kids every day.

Barn raising is an example of great thisgs that can be accomplished through teamwork.
But beware the risk!

It's not always true when people say there is no "I" in team.  For without the "Is" there is no team.  Without you and you, there is no team.  You must be the "I" that steps to the front of the line.  The "I" that says "i'll help".  The "I" that says "I will".
The "I" that says "if it is to be then it is up to me".

Do that again and again and set the standard.

Things will get started
Things will get done and done well.
There will be no end to the dream.
And you, my fellow Optimists, will accomplish great things.

Governor Darryl
Bozeman, August 2010

This is the text of the speech that Governor Darryl presented to our members who attended the District Convention banquet.


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