Saturday, October 1, 2011

District Goals to Bring Out the Best in Kids!

Ted Huber
2011-12 Governor
International President Jack Creswell encourages all Optimists to do "100% and then some!"

Whatever we do and how we do it must always result in raising kids to a new level.  We simply cannot give just 50% or 90% as our goal and accept it.  100% and then some must be the operative.

The time has come; 2011-2012 is the time for change.  We must move forward with the groundwork that has been laid from past governors to move forward toward "Spiraling Upward" into the future.

How do we do that?

  1. Review, reflect, debate, and embrace the new generation who have the willingness and the energy to facilitate change.
  2. We must review our organizations, including how the District does business.  Each Club should set aside time to review their mission statement and the programs that are ongoing, and then ask questions that encourage debate about the future needs of the local community.  Reflect on the great things the Club has accomplished.  We all need to know that what we are doing is indeed making a difference in kid's lives.
  3. It is difficult for me to learn a new language, and maybe you as well. But we all must learn to bridge the communication gap between the older members and those just chomping at the bit to propel Optimism and Optimists into the future.
  4. Let's all do a media blitz.  Shout about the town, "THIS IS WHAT WE DO"!!  Come join our Optimist group and help us develop new programs, help with existing programs, and you will "Bring Out the Best in Kids."

I get goose bumps just thinking about how we can make a difference. We can "Bring Out the Best in Kids." We can create a "Spiraling Upward"!!

Ted Huber
2011-2012 District Governor
Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan & Northern Wyoming


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