Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Timely Christmas Story

Fellow Optimists.

This is a wonderful (and timely) story about how collaboration works.

The Great Falls Uptown Optimist club helped form a JOOI Club.  The JOOI Club then helped the Girl Scouts who in turn helped kids learn about scouting in one of our elementary schools here in Great Falls.

Just look at the smiles on these young girl's faces.  And I bet our JOOI club members received a great deal of satisfaction from their efforts.

Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do.

Governor Dan Petersen
Let's Go !!!   Be the Best !!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Loss of an Optimist

Fellow Optimists,
It is with great sadness that I pass along the obituary of Keith Preddy.  Keith has served as President of the Optimist Club of Lethbridge for many years.  Just think of how many kids have been helped by his efforts over the years.
I knew Keith from Optimists and also from his Big Kahuna Karaoke business here in Great Falls.  Our city will have less music as a result of his passing.
Please forward this to all who might have known Keith.
Dan Petersen

AMS&NW District 13


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