Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Week to Go ... Have You Registered Yet?

There is one week to go before the 1st Quarter Conference kicks off.  Here are a few reasons to register and make an appearance ... if you are sitting on the fence about attending:

  • Meet the Incoming District Team - Governor Ted will be introducing the District Committee Chairs and Lieutenant Governors.  You'll get a chance to meet them and exchange some of your ideas with them.
  • Attend Quality Workshops - we have several new workshops that will be available ... more about those in a few moments.
  • Get Excited About Growing Optimism - Participate in the open discussions and exchange of ideas about how we can bring in new members and focus on servicing the youth in our communities.  Governor Ted has some plans about "Spiralling Upward" that he wants to share!
  • Meet OI Vice President Judy Boyd - Judy is the OI Vice President for the Great Plains Region.

Here is the tentative list of workshops:
  • District 13, Your Club, A Future Direction for Us All - hosted by John Plenke.  This will be a double session workshop focused on the future of Optimist clubs.
  • Child Wellness Campaign - hosted by Tom Nyquist.  This will be a double session workshop that will discuss on where the Childhood Cancer Campaign is heading.
  • Club President Training - hosted by Don Morrison.  This is a double session training workshop for Club Presidents ... if you missed the workshop at the Annual Convention, this workshop is for you.
  • Membership 101 - hosted by Roger Lesofski.  This is scheduled for the first session block and will focus on bringing in new members.
  • Internet Safety Education - hosted by Brian Wallace.  Scheduled for the second session period, Brian will cover what is in the Internet Safety program for kids and adults and how to start the program in your club.
  • PGI - hosted by Jeff Barnhart.  Scheduled for the second session period.  Jeff will introduce PGI and discuss how to implement an active PGI program in your club as a means to strengthen member participation.

Haven't Registered Yet

You mean you haven't registered yet ... please send an email to Roger Lesofski to let him know you are coming so that he can ensure there will be there ... they want to welcome you with a smile (and ensure that your arrangements are taken care of).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The District OptiNews Oct. 2011

AMS&NW District OptiNews http://p0.vresp.com/Lgm6NV
Check out the latest AMS&NW Newsletter, subscribe to it too.  Down on the right hand side of this page, near the bottom.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Being Number 1

I am so happy to welcome you to the District #13 Group of Optimist International.  Thank you for taking up the challenge of growing the District to new heights in 2011-2012.

The District pin is the number 1, but it represents two messages: 
  1. You (or you say to the person you are giving it to) are the number one volunteer for Optimist International.  
  2. Bring in one new member.

I look forward to an exciting and rewarding year for our group.

Sincerely Optimistic,

Governor Ted Huber

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet the District Team for 2011-12

Incoming Governor Ted Huber (Bozeman Breakfast) is pleased to announce the following appointments to the District Team for 2011-12.

Introducing the District Executive Team

The District Executive Team is responsible for running an effective District that fosters growth in membership and clubs, delivers fantastic youth projects and programs, and delivers services that support the Zone Lieutenant-Governors, and Clubs.  We are pleased to introduce the District Executive for 2011-12:


 Learn more about the 2011-12 District Lieutenant Governors

Meet the District Growth Team

The District Growth Team is responsible for fostering a significant growth in District membership by assisting fellow Optimists to recruit new members and build new adult and JOOI clubs, and by enhancing the knowledge and skills of Optimist leaders and members.  We are pleased to introduce the District Growth Team for 2011-12:


Meet the District Youth Programs Team

The District Youth Programs Team is responsible for running the District Scholarship Contests, and supporting clubs with running other OI sanctioned youth programs.  We are pleased to introduce the District Growth Team for 2011-12:


Meet the District Services Team

The District Services Team is responsible for providing services that support the District Team, Zone Lieutenant-Governors, and Clubs.  We are pleased to introduce the District Services Team for 2011-12:


District Goals to Bring Out the Best in Kids!

Ted Huber
2011-12 Governor
International President Jack Creswell encourages all Optimists to do "100% and then some!"

Whatever we do and how we do it must always result in raising kids to a new level.  We simply cannot give just 50% or 90% as our goal and accept it.  100% and then some must be the operative.

The time has come; 2011-2012 is the time for change.  We must move forward with the groundwork that has been laid from past governors to move forward toward "Spiraling Upward" into the future.

How do we do that?

  1. Review, reflect, debate, and embrace the new generation who have the willingness and the energy to facilitate change.
  2. We must review our organizations, including how the District does business.  Each Club should set aside time to review their mission statement and the programs that are ongoing, and then ask questions that encourage debate about the future needs of the local community.  Reflect on the great things the Club has accomplished.  We all need to know that what we are doing is indeed making a difference in kid's lives.
  3. It is difficult for me to learn a new language, and maybe you as well. But we all must learn to bridge the communication gap between the older members and those just chomping at the bit to propel Optimism and Optimists into the future.
  4. Let's all do a media blitz.  Shout about the town, "THIS IS WHAT WE DO"!!  Come join our Optimist group and help us develop new programs, help with existing programs, and you will "Bring Out the Best in Kids."

I get goose bumps just thinking about how we can make a difference. We can "Bring Out the Best in Kids." We can create a "Spiraling Upward"!!

Ted Huber
2011-2012 District Governor
Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan & Northern Wyoming

A Letter from OI President Jack Creswell

Jack Creswell
2011-12 President
Optimist International

My fellow Optimist,

This is the year “it” is finally going to happen! So what is “it,” you are asking?

My reply is quite simple. GROWTH! That is what we are and must be all about for the foreseeable future. For far too long now, we have suffered under the burden of negative growth. Shrinking numbers mean financial problems, fewer projects and, finally, less service for our young people. Not a pretty picture.

These are certainly not any of the reasons you or I joined this great organization!

The group of leaders and Members who have come together this year have rededicated themselves to making us grow! No longer will you hear, “We can’t,” but rather, “What can I do to make ‘it’ happen?”
Now that you know and understand just what your job is (growth), we need to tell you where your resources and support are going to be coming from.

Our staff in St. Louis and Montreal stands ready to guide and direct you. Our website is just filled with information for your use. Also, never forget to call upon the current or, for that matter, the past leaders of our organization. All stand ready to serve.

Our theme this year, “100% and then some,” really says it quite nicely. It is, after all, that little bit of extra effort that will make all the difference.

“And then some” will make this the year others will talk about for years to come.

I ask of you most sincerely, step forward today so that tomorrow there will be an Optimist to hear a child’s call for help.


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