Friday, February 26, 2010

Now it's Time to Grow

Club Presidents and Fellow Optimists

Thank you for your commitment this year to improve what we do, how we do it and when we do it, for the betterment of our clubs, both now and for the long term. You are doing a great job! See how well you have done when you look at our District Goals. You care about the kids we serve and you care about your fellow Optimists.
So now we are ready to take the next step---growth. Together we will add new clubs, new members, new FOOs, new JOOI clubs! The third attachment has our incentives to get all of us together to do this and have fun too. International President Mark's new plus 4 incentive plan is a great addition to our tools for success. Here is a brochure to send to members and an FAQ that explains the free membership dues opportunity.
Our District growth Incentives. Make sure you add a new member or FOO member for each quarter. Catch up if you are behind. Make that commitment now and especially when you consider the power of all of you doing that this year. I pledge to do the same.

We will be net plus 125 members, form 4 new clubs, and add 50 new FOOs by July 7, 2010!

Thank you,
Darryl Sim
Governor - AMS&NW District

Saturday, February 6, 2010

At the 2nd Quarter District Conference

Isn't this great ... I am sitting at the back of the main conference room enjoying all the presentations and learning more about the Optimist initiatives in our great District.

I was just approached by Governor Darryl with an idea to create an internet-based District-wide JOOI club for the children of our current Optimist members throughout the District. Working with Fred Verzani (JOOI Chair) we will be working out the concept for build that new JOOI club.


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