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We hope to transform the "OptiNews" blog so that 70% of the articles published come from clubs in our District.  Our focus will change to reporting on what is happening at the club level, on the impact our service projects are having, on the fun our members are experiencing, and on the success of our growth efforts.

We want to open the opportunity to any club to publish articles and announcements on the "OptiNews" District blog.  We are looking for volunteers to become contributing authors for their club or their zone.

This is a perfect opportunity to:

  • broadcast the fun that your club has running your local community service projects, 
  • share the fellowship activities hosted by your club, 
  • announce a major event (like an anniversary celebration) that you want to invite everyone to, 
  • recognize the efforts and contributions of a club member, or
  • write your thoughts on an Optimistic topic.

The only prerequisite as a contributing author is that you can spend a few hours each month composing one or more articles or announcements and post those items (including digital photos) to the "OptiNews" blog.  All volunteers will be provided a "Contributing Authors Guide" in PDF format, and have access to training videos that demonstrate the steps.

"OptiNews" uses the "Blogger" service to host the articles.  "Blogger" provides an easy to use browser based page where articles and images can be posted to the blog.  All submissions are subject to editorial changes to correct spelling, grammar or incorrect information.  If you can type a letter in Microsoft Word, you can post a submission in "Blogger".

We really need some help ... please join the "OptiNews" team and share your club's success and fun.

To apply, send an email to with the Subject:  OptiNews Team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

YIO - Optimist Gord
District Web Services Special Projects

Our thanks go to Ambro / for sharing their digital photo with us.


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