Monday, August 29, 2011

Recent Changes to District Web Services

Hello, All.

I wanted to take a few moments to announce some recent changes to District Webservices that have just been implemented:

  • On our District website at we have added some quick pick navigation graphics in the menu column on the right.  You will now see graphics for our District "OptiNews" blog, our District Facebook Page, our District Twitter feed, and to "Put Your Club Online"
  • "Put Your Club Online With Blogger" has been retired and been replaced with "Put Your Club Online" at  The focus of the new blog is to cover a wider variety of topics and not just focus on Blogger.  You should start to see new blog posts appear regularly.
  • The URL for our Facebook page has been changed to If you had links or graphics on your web sites or blogs that pointed to the District Facebook page, you will need to adjust those links.

We are in the last month of our Optimist year for 2010-11.  On October 1st, our District website will be replaced with a revised site for the 2011-12 Optimist year. Our District facebook page, "OptiNews" blog and Twitter page will also experience some minor adjustments.  If there is information that you want to retain, we recommend that you save a copy of online documents and digital graphic files as we cannot guarantee that they will still be available once the switch to the 2011-12 year is completed.

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