Monday, August 15, 2011

21st Century Social Marketing at the Club Level

Opt Gordon Welling
Web Services Chair
AMS&NW District 13
Hi All.

At the 2011 District Convention, George Lewko and I presented a workshop on "21st Century Social Marketing at the Club Level".  The focus of this workshop was to discuss social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs and discuss how we can use that technology to raise public awareness about our club, service projects and fundraisers that we run, and how to attract new volunteers.

Opt George Lewko
Bulletin & PR Chair
AMS&NW District 13
During that workshop, we looked at three generations:  the "Baby Boomers", "Gen X" and "Gen Y" ... the differences between them and what motivates each generation.

I must thank Maggie Fairchild, Director of Social Media at Optimist International, for her original presentation slide deck which I have modified to include the information on the different generation profiles.

I should note that I found some very interesting online articles that I based the additional slides and information on.  I highly recommend that you read them as they provide a great deal of additional insight that we were not able to cover during the workshop:

You can also download the following PDF files:
We would appreciate your comments and suggestions on how we can improve this workshop for future training opportunities.

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