Saturday, October 11, 2014

Welcome to the 2014-15 Optimist Year ... Lets Go!!! Be the Best!!!

My friends and fellow Optimists.
I am so honored to be your Governor for 2014-15. I think about all the great Governors that have preceded me and it inspires me to
BE THE BEST ! ! ! !

I have been an Optimist for many years, but only recently have I spent any time thinking about the benefits of being one.

Obviously helping the kids in our community is a wonderful thing to experience. We all take great pride when we watch them perform in our local variety shows. Or see them playing baseball at the parks we've developed. Or listening to their speeches at the Oratorical contests. We truly believe that offering these kids positive alternatives will help all of our futures.

Another benefit is the fellowship involved. Some of my best friends are fellow Optimists and I believe most of us can say that. Meeting with the same people, working on projects, sharing sense of family.

Developing leadership skills is another benefit. You can see a member's confidence increase significantly after becoming a club committee chair. And members have the ability to hone these leadership skills even further by becoming a President of their Club, getting involved at the District and even at the International level.

And finally, last - but certainly not least - living a life of optimism and focusing on the positive aspects of life is way more rewarding than the alternative.

My theme this year is LET'S GO ! ! ! ! So that's what I want us to do.



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