Sunday, September 7, 2014

Message from Governor Glen

Fellow Optimists

We are now in the final weeks of our Optimist year.  The Optimists of this District have worked hard to maintain the programs that they have for our youth and introduced new programs in their communities.  I thank them for that.

Now is the time when a lot of us return to regular meetings after a break for the summer.  This is the time to add new members for our busy fall season. 

At the end of June when I introduced my "Banner Patch" for Service to Youth, there were 48 out of 55 Clubs that could achieve this patch and be an Honor Club in this District by adding 1 to 4 members to their roster and serving more youth in their communities.

I want all Club Presidents to achieve this goal and be recognized for the work their clubs accomplish within their communities.

The Lt. Governors in each Zone should be doing their last visit to their Clubs to promote this and the final reports required to reach this goal (Officer-Elect forms and Pride reports).  The Presidents also needs to recognize an Optimist member within their Club that has gone above and beyond this year.

A number of Clubs are working on building a New Club to achieve Distinguished Club and Distinguished President status.  Let me encourage them by saying that it can be done in the next month.  Both Gary Cross, as NCB Chairman, and myself are more than willing to give or find you the help you need to achieve this goal. 

Let's show Optimist International that the Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan and Northern Wyoming District is simply the BEST!

My Year of "I Promise"

Glen Kreller, Governor
Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan and Northern Wyoming District


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