Friday, April 12, 2013

New Club Building

WOW, this should be a great incentive to start that New Club Building that your Club has been contemplating. Remember that you can be a Distinguished President or an Outstanding Lt.-Gov. by being active in building that new Club. The rules for the incentive are: New Club Building Incentive • The Sponsor Club that builds a new club in the 3rd Quarter (April 1 to June 30), shall receive a dues credit for their club (the Sponsor Club) for $150.* • If the new club is built at 25 members, or reaches 25 members within 30 days of chartering, the Sponsor Club will receive an additional $250 dues credit.* • Total dues credit for building a 25-member (or greater) club is $400. *Credit will be issued once the follow-up program has been submitted. *Friends of Optimists (FOOs) may not be included in the original charter group, but may be added once the new Club has been chartered to achieve 25 members (or more). Need help to get started, Call me or Governor Nick and we will find someone close to you who can assist. Need to get started now to make the June 30th deadline. Lets do it NOW and "Bring out the Best in Kids" in that new community. YIO Glen Kreller, District NCB Chairman


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