Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is Your Club on Facebook Yet?

I did a little research and discovered that there are 15 unique Facebook pages or groups representing 13 District clubs, Zone 5 and the AMS&NW Optimist District itself. Considering how recent Facebook pages are, that is truly remarkable. Some clubs host a Facebook "Group" while other clubs host a Facebook "Page".

Sylvan Lake Optimist Club on Facebook

That leaves 45 clubs that do not have a Facebook presence ... why haven't you joined yet?

What is your club missing?

What is so important about an online presence ... why does my club need to go online?

That's a resonable question. There is NO mandatory reason to put your club online. In fact, you can save yourself and your club members effort and time by not creating an online presence for your club ... but ... you will be missing out!

What will you be missing? Ahh, now that's the more important question! Here goes ... what will your club be missing out on:
  • A chance to add credibility to your club throughout your community.
  • A chance to tell your club's story ... what is unique about your club.
  • A chance to thank volunteers and donors for their contributions.
  • A chance to recognize your members publicly for their efforts.
  • A chance to invite people to join your club.
  • A chance to advertise your club fundraisers and community service projects.
  • A chance for the recipients of your club's service projects to thank you for your efforts.
  • A chance to connect to your club members, advertise meetings and special guest speakers.
  • A chance to connect with fellow Optimists throughout the District.
  • A chance to learn how other clubs do what they do.
  • ... and so much more.
And what will it cost ... NOTHING ... NADA ... ZERO ... well, just some volunteer time.

Here are the top 3 reasons why Facebook is so attractive to a service club:

  1. Easy and quick to implement: Anyone with average computer skills and a Facebook account to create an online presence for their club. All you need is a little background info, a digital image file to use as a logo, and some spare time. With the proper instructions, you can create a Facebook "Page" or "Group" in under one hour.

  2. It's all about community: Facebook gives you the ability to engage club members, friends, co-workers, fellow members from other clubs, non-member volunteers and potential new club members in sharing content and expressing ideas.

  3. People can find you in Google: Facebook content is indexed in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. So people who do a search for your club can easily find it ... go ahead and try it ... search for "Optimist Club Prince Albert" in Google and Bing. Facebook also comes with it's own powerful search engine that allows Facebook users to search for you. Again, log in to your Facebook account (if you have one) and run a search for "Optimist Club Prince Albert".
Still Not Sure?

Why don't you spend a little time and explore some of the active Facebook pages from clubs in our District:

AMS&NW Optimist Clubs with Facebook pages:

Prince Albert Optimist Club on Facebook

Sylvan Lake | Prince Albert | Prince Albert High Noon
Regina Downtowners | Regina High Noon | All Nations Medicine Hat
Calgary Dinner Optimist | Blackfalds | Waskasoo Red Deer

How to get started

There is no reason why a club should not be on Facebook. It is easy, engaging, and fun. All you need is  How-to Guide that can walk you through the process.


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