Sunday, October 10, 2010

Introducing the District Executive Team

The District Executive Team is responsible for running an effective District that fosters growth in membership and clubs, delivers fantastic youth projects and programs, and delivers services that support the Zone Lieutenant-Governors, and Clubs. We are pleased to introduce the District Executive for 2010-11:

District Governor: Tim Bell (Airdrie)

Tim Bell
District Governor
Res: (403) 660-4060
Tim is a long serving member with the Airdrie Optimist Club. He has served as Club President and Secretary-Treasurer several times, and is a past Lieutenant Governor for Zone 6. Tim has a passion for fund raising for Cancer related projects in Calgary region. He served as the District PGI Chair for 2007-09 before serving as Governor-Elect and Membership Chiar last year.

My primary role as the District Governor is to encourage and engage our members to grow our District by recruiting more members, building new clubs in smaller communities that need an Optimist club, running more community service projects for youth and sponsoring Optimist youth scholarship programs like Oratorical, Essay and CCDHH competitions, and the Junior Golf and Juvenile Curling competitions. 

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District Secretary-Treasurer: Marilyn Bushell (Calgary Dinner)

Marilyn Bushell
Res: (403) 248-9181
Marilyn is the last remaining charter member of the Calgary Dinner Optimist Club, formed in 1994. She has served as Club President several times (attaining the levels of Honor and Distinguished) and as Club Secretary. Marilyn is a past Lieutenant Governor for Zone 6 in 2001-02 (Honor) and 2008-09. She is a BOE helping to build the Traditional Optimist of Calgary. 

Marilyn served as the first District Juvenile Curling Chair and was instrumental in getting Optimist Juvenile Curling started in Alberta. Marilyn served as the Essay Contest Chair last year and this year has volunteered to serve as the District Secretary-Treasurer and Activities & CPA Chair.

"I became an Optimist to help serve the youth in my area. I continue to be part of this organization because of the difference my club is making in the Calgary area by helping youth at all levels. What is I enjoy most about this organization is the people that I have met helping youth in the District and beyond."

My primary role as the District Secretary-Treasurer is to provide administrative and financial management support to Governor Tim and the rest of the District Team and Lieutenant Governors throughout the Optimist year. I encourage all clubs to file their reports in a timely manner and ensure that OI and District dues are paid in a timely manner.

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District Governor-Elect: Ted Huber (Bozeman Breakfast)

Ted Huber
Res: (406) 587-3482
Ted is a long serving Optimist with the Bozeman Breakfast Optimist Club. Ted has served as Club President and Zone Lieutenant Governor in 2008-09. He is returning to the District Executive to serve as District Governor-Elect and Internet Safety Program Chair. Deeply committed to ensuring that OI grows in strength and commitment to supporting youth, Governor-Elect Ted invites everyone to renew your individual Optimist passion to 'Bring out the best in kids'.

My primary role of the Governor-Elect is to act as the eyes and ears of the District so that I can prepare for a successful year. One of my key goals is to build a dynamic team that can continue the work of Past Governor Darryl and Governor Tim as we meet the challenges of serving the needs of our communities.

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District International Ambassador: Darryl Sim (Red Deer)

Darryl Sim
District Ambassador
Past Gov 2009-10
Res: (403) 346-3279
Immediate Past Governor Darryl returns this year to promote member attendance to the Annual OI Convention, scheduled for July 2011. Darryl joined the Optimist Club of Red Deer in 1999 and has served as Club President (Distinguished) in 2004-05. He was a Distinguished President for having increased club membership by Net+ twenty-five and starting a new club. For that year he was honored to receive the District Alex M. Wilson Award and the Over and Above Award.

Darryl served as a Lieutenant Governor in 2007-08, receiving a Distinguished Lieutenant-Governor Citation from the District and from International Past President Theo Golding he received the Presidential Above and Beyond Award as one of the top ten Lieutenant-Governors in all Optimist International. 

Darryl served as the New Club Building Chair and Governor-Elect in 2008-09 prior to serving as Governor in 2009-10.

The 2010-11 Optimist International Convention will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, for early July, 2011. Past Governor Darryl invites anyone who can attend to register for the convention and take advantage of the excellent training workshops that are provided. Refer to our meetings page for more details as they become available.

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Candidate Qualifications Chair: Doug Kirby (Billings Breakfast)

Candidate Qualifications
Doug Kirby
Candidate Qualifications
Past Gov 2008-09
Res: (403) 660-4060
2008-09 Past Governor Doug is hunting and searching for our next Governor-Elect and invites qualified candidates to submit the nomination papers as soon as possible. Doug is a long serving member with the Billings Breakfst Optimist Club and has served as Club President and Zone 4 Lieutenant Governor. Doug has served as Membership and New Club Building Chairs before his year as Governor.

Continuing to build strong and dynamic District Teams each year relies on finding suitable candidates for the position of District Governor. As your Candidate Qualifications Chair, my role is to present a slate of candidates for the position of Governor Elect for 2011-12, to serve as Governor in 2012-13.

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