Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Changes to PGI for 2010-11

PGI, or Personal Growth and Involvement is a learning program for Optimist members that encourages their growth and participation in Optimism as they gain experience.  Optimist International has made some changes to the PGI requirements at various levels, and has released revised versions of the PGI Program and the PGI Passport Requirements.
Jeff Barnhart
PGI Chair
Res: (406) 453-5375

PGI Passport fold-out cards have been revised and are being mailed to our PGI Chair, Jeff Barnhart.  If you would like to receive a replacement set, please send Jeff an email indicating how many passport cards you will need.

Members with existing PGI levels completed will be able to transfer those the new PGI Passport  Members will also be able to transfer completed steps for those PGI levels not yet completed.

Our goal for the 2010-11 year is to officially register as many Optimist members as possible; to ensure that all new members are tenrolled into PGI; and to encourage all registered members to progress one PGI level this year.

Please refer to Personal Growth & Involvement page for additional details.  To register your club members, please contact Jeff for instructions.  We look forward to contributing to the personal growth of our members as part of improving the strength of our District.


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