Monday, October 18, 2010

Have you ever eaten oatmeal and ice cream?

Good morning AMS&NW Club Leaders!

It doesn’t seem possible that a week has already passed since I joined Governor Tim and so many other wonderful AMS&NW members at your first quarterly meeting in Great Falls - thank you so much for your hospitality! But even more so, thank you each for accepting your current position – whether this is your first time as a club officer, or you are seasoned in your position – Governor Tim and the members of your clubs wouldn’t be able to do “their jobs” if you hadn’t accepted yours!

International President Danny Rodgers has recorded a special video message for all of us in the Great Plains Region. Please scroll to the bottom of this message; I’ve highlighted Danny’s in yellow.

President Danny, Governor Tim and I will be in Bloomington on 5-7 November, and we look forward to seeing you there too. I know that it’s a long drive for you; but Governor Tim is coming and he would love to have you join his “car pool” at some point along his travel route! Here’s the link to the Great Plains PDC if you haven’t registered yet (click on the Mall of America icon):

Thank you again for your service. If I didn’t get the chance to meet you in Great Falls, I look forward to doing so either in Bloomington, or at some other optimistic opportunity throughout the year! And if there’s ever anything I can assist with throughout the coming year, I hope you’ll let me know how I can help. Click the title for a video from OI President Danny Rodgers.

Gloria Kloster

Great Plains Region International Vice President


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