Sunday, October 6, 2013

Meet the District team for 2013-14

Governor Glen Kreller (St. Albert) is pleased to announce the following appointments to the District Team for  2013-14.

There are some changes that we have introduced into the team this year that includes the splitting North-East Montana clubs from Zone 8 to form a new Zone 10.  The Essay & Oratorical Competition Chair positions have been combined and the Lt Governor for Zone 5 will also chair the CCDHH competition.  I want to thank all those Optimists who stepped forward to volunteer with the District Team in addition to their club duties.

Introducing the District Executive Team

The District Executive Team is responsible for running an effective District that fosters growth in membership and clubs, delivers fantastic youth projects and programs, and delivers services that support the Zone Lieutenant-Governors, and Clubs.  We are pleased to introduce the District Executive for 2013-14:

Governor – Glen Kreller (St. Albert)
District Secretary-Treasurer – Wendy Skoretz (Border City-Lloydminster)
2014-15 Governor-Elect – Dan Pedersen (Great Falls-Uptown)
International Ambassador
Nick Markowsky (Prince Aldert)
Candidate QualificationsTed Huber (Bozeman Breakfast)

Lieutenant Governors

Zone 1 Lt Gov - James Rehm (Great Falls-Uptown)
Zone 2 Lt Gov - Roger Gravaard (Billings-Heights)
Zone 3 Lt Gov - Les Trevor (Red Deer)
Zone 4 Lt Gov - Roger Gravaard (Billings-Heights)
Zone 5 Lt Gov - Patti Welling (St. Albert)
Zone 6 Lt Gov - Time Bell (Airdrie)
Zone 7 Lt Gov - Allyson Wall (Prince Albert)
Zone 8 Lt Gov - Jim McWilliams (Regina-Downtowners)
Zone 9 Lt Gov - Dennis Hodgins (Duval)
Zone 10 Lt Gov - Ruth Boysun (Wolf Point)

Meet the District Growth Team

The District Growth Team is responsible for fostering a significant growth in District membership by assisting fellow Optimists to recruit new members and build new adult and JOOI clubs, and by enhancing the knowledge and skills of Optimist leaders and members.  We are pleased to introduce the District Growth Team for 2013-14: 

Leadership Development Chair – Edie McInnes (Blackfalds)
Membership Chair – Nathan Kondrat (Red Deer-Waskasoo)
New Club Building Chair – Gary Cross (Regina-Downtowners)
JOOI Chair – Sue Bridgeford (Great Falls-Uptown)
Personal Growth (PGI) Chair – Jeff Barnhart (Great Falls-Uptown) 

Meet the District Youth Programs Team

The District Youth Programs Team is responsible for running the District Scholarship Contests, and supporting clubs with running other OI sanctioned youth programs.  We are pleased to introduce the District Growth Team for 2013-14: 

Childhood Cancer Campaign – Dan Petersen (Great Falls-Uptown)
CCDHH Competition Chair – Patti Welling (St. Albert)
Essay/Oratorical Competition Chair – Dick Mastel (Medicine Hat)
Junior Golf Chair – Jay Strever (Billings-Heights Business)
Juvenile Curling Chair – Mike Di Nicola (Calgary) 

Meet the District Services Team

The District Services Team is responsible for providing services that support the District Team, Zone Lieutenant-Governors, and Clubs.  We are pleased to introduce the District Services Team for  2013-14: 

Achievement, Awards & Protocol – Lloyd Pethick (Friendly City-Moose Jaw)
District Convention Chair – Lyle Merriam (Regina-Downtowners)
District Foundation Rep – Doug Kirby (Billings-Breakfast)

Supplies (Canada) – Brian Wallace (Edmonton Dinner)
Supplies (US) – Loran Salsbury (Magic City-Billings)
District Web Services – Gord Welling (St. Albert Breakfast) 


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