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Oratorical Rules District and Optimist International

  "Minimum Number of Participants
Combined gender Zone, Regional and District contests must have no fewer than three participants. Separate gender Zone, Regional and District contests must have no less than six participants (three boys and three girls).
In cases where the minimum number of 3 contestants at the
Zone or Regional contest cannot be met, there are two options:
A. Send winners directly to the next level of the contest. If your Zone or Regional competition has at least 3 contestants of one gender, you can hold the contest for that gender and send the winner on to the next level. Again, if there are less than 3 contestants for either gender, please forward them to the next level of competition. "


Page 11
District Oratorical Contests
(Accounts 140, 370)
a)The District shall conduct both a boys and girls’ Oratorical Contest each year. The District Finals will be held at the time of the Third Quarter District Conference.
b)  Pursuant to the policies of Optimist International all phases of the District Contests shall be conducted in strict compliance with the International Contest rules.
c) A committee of three (3) members from Clubs in the city where the District Contest is to be held may be appointed by the District Chair to assist in selection of facilities, equipment,
judges, etc. and other details pertinent to the conduct of the contests.
d) Each zone winner shall advance to the state/provincial contest, known as the Regional Contest, to determine the boy and girl winners who will represent that state/province at the
District Contest. Zone and Regional contests are to be conducted under the supervision of, and coordinated by, the District Oratorical Chair, with the responsibility for the actual
conduct of Zone and Regional Contests assigned to the Lieutenant Governors.  The responsibility for running the Regional contests shall be rotated annually among the
Lieutenant Governors in that region.
e) An entry fee of Forty Dollars ($40.00) per contestant, payable in advance to the Alberta - Montana -Saskatchewan and Northern Wyoming District, shall be paid by all Clubs
sponsoring a contestant in the Zone contests. The costs of all transportation, food, and lodging, while at or en route to or from Zone and Regional contests, shall be the
responsibility of the sponsoring Clubs.
f) The costs of food and lodging while en route to and from the District Contest shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring Clubs. Clubs sponsoring contestants at the District
Oratorical Contest shall be reimbursed for mileage at the rate established under Section VIII [under Section VII the mileage is 10 cents per mile for U.S.A., and 10 cents per kilometer for Canada]. Cost of food and housing for contestants, while at the District Oratorical Contest,
shall be the responsibility of the District Administration.
g) The runners up at the Regional Contests shall be presented with the official Optimist  International trophy designated as District Finalist. The winners of the Regional Contests
shall compete in the District Oratorical contest Finals and shall receive the appropriate District Finalist or District Winner Trophy at that contest. (which is at the time of the Third Quarter District Conference)
h)The costs of all District Trophies, Zone certificates and frames, and all authorized receipts and expenditures, shall be budgeted and audited under Accounts 140 and 370. All such
12 items shall be supervised by the District Contest Chair and accountable to the District Secretary-Treasurer who shall make all purchases and expenditures, and record all
revenues and expenses.
i) It shall be the responsibility of the District Oratorical Chair to submit the required materials and information on the contest winners to International Office within Thirty (30) days
following the contest. The presentation of the official scholarship award provided by Optimist International shall be made by the Governor at the District Convention when


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