Tuesday, November 20, 2012

General Announcement - Canadian Optimist Club Websites

Canadian clubs recently received an email that indicated that the Optimist Canada International network of club websites is suffering extreme difficulties and clubs should switch to creating their own website at www.wordpress.com.

I wanted to provide some clarification on this notice:
  1. This notice does not affect any Optimist Clubs outside of Canada. U.S. clubs can disregard this announcement.
  2. This notice is about the generic club websites that were built for each Canadian Optimist club.  Those websites were typically hosted as http://clubname.optimistcanada.ca.  That announcement has no affect on any club websites that you have built on your own.
  3. Clubs can continue to use their existing websites and facebook pages ... you do not have to make any changes to what you already have.
Most Canadian Optimist Clubs will have this generic optimistcanada.ca website link in the Club Directory hosted at www.optimist.org.  Each club should check their website link on the Club Directory and email nicola.delia@optimist.org if you need the website link changed.

If you are depending on a club website hosted by optimistcanada.ca, they are recommending that clubs create their own website.  There are several options that clubs can choose:

Clubs can use our "Contact Us" form if you need help or have questions on building a club website.


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