Saturday, August 13, 2011

An open table discussion with OI President Danny Rodgers

At an open table discussion hosted by OI President Danny Rodgers with all the Convention attendees, there were many ideas that were expressed on making Optimist International stronger.  Here are some of the quotes:
"You are not too old to change."
"We need to express our passion about what we do to attract the younger generation to join our clubs and participate in our efforts."
"People want to be part of amazing things ... part of something that makes a difference."
"Focus on sharing the phenomenal things you do with your local community."
We need to start reaching out individually and collectively to our club members ... use real old means of communication ... phone calls, personally signed notes, mailed invitations, personal thank you notes.  We need to get more personal in our marketing.

Past LG John Plenke (Bozeman, MT) reminded us that we participated in an open workshop at last year's convention.  John asked everyone if they  had read the notes from that session ... not many had, so as a favor to John, I am re-posting the links to those notes:
We also discussed the future of club strength and how it is more important to focus on recruiting and reatining active members in our clubs who participate in club projects ... attending meetings is not important ... serving our communities to satisfy existing needs is where our efforts need to be placed.

We expressed an interest in retaining the individual and club recognition programs.  OI is focusing on using technology to reach out to more Optimists to provide online, interactive training.  We will try to get that information to you in the near future.

President Danny thanked us for reaching out and asked us to continue expressing our passion for the Optimist organization.
"It is a privilege to be in the arena with you to fight the fight that we engage in."


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