Friday, January 7, 2011

Put Your Club Online

Many of you have noticed that the Edmonton Dinner Optimist Club has recently published a new website.  We are preparing a set of tutorials on how that site was created.  The tutorials are organized into collections called modules, each with a set of lessons.  The plan is to publish one lesson per day (except Sundays) so there will be six lessons published per week.  We added lessons back-dated to start December 1st, 2010, so there are now 26+ lessons published.

If you want to get a look at the outline plan for the entire "online course", we invite you to look at "Build a Club Website With Blogger".

We are going to add a blog feed in the right column that will display the 5 most recent lesson titles so that you can open a new lesson as they are published.  Each lesson has comments enabled, so if you have a question or would like to comment on a lesson, we invite you to participate.  Lessons will get revised and corrected based on reader feedback in the comments.


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