Friday, October 1, 2010

Bring Out The Best in Kids !

2010-2011 will prove to be an interesting and rewarding year under the leadership of International President Danny Rogers.

"If it's not working, change it!" is a quote taken from Seth Godin’s book titled TRIBES, recommended reading material for all incoming District Governors.

Fellow Optimists, change is coming and this change is necessary to build and strengthen on the successes of our clubs at the community level.

As we pass the baton from Immediate Past Governor Darryl Sim, I look forward to your continuing support to strengthen and grow the AMS&NW District. It will be a challenge, for both me and you. Here's another quote from TRIBES that I would like you to consider, "If you are not uncomfortable in your work as a leader, it's almost certain you’re not reaching your potential as a leader". So I ask you these questions:
  • Is your Optimist Club a leader in the community?
  • Are your members challenged?
  • Are you reaching your potential as an Optimist member?
  • Are you content with the status quo?


Let me share with you my goals for this Optimist year?

Optimist International looses 20% of its membership on an annual basis, and as a district our average losses are near 21% of our total membership. We cannot continue to benefit our AMS&NW communities if we continue to let our membership decline. I urge you to reach your potential by:
  • Increase your yearly number of projects for community service. Become that service club that has social events rather than the opposite.
  • Recruit 20% of your membership as new Optimists. Invite those prospective candidates to your new community projects.
  • Encourage and promote active participation in personal development and leadership training at the district and club level.
  • Enhanced communications at all levels; within the club, within the zone, and in the district.
  • Reach your potential as an Optimist and as a Club in your community. Dare to be uncomfortable.
  • Overall growth of 25% in district membership, and the building of 5 new clubs.
I am truly honored to become your District Governor, and look forward to this challenging year.

Together, we can succeed - In the Arena! In the Race! In Tune!

Tim Bell
2010-11 AMS&NW District Governor


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