Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Year of Opportunity

It has been a year of challenge and opportunity for all of us in the AMS&NW District.  The economy has continued to place a burden on our ability to maintain our club activities and encourage new members.  However, we have still achieved good growth in both members and the quality and capability of these new members.  Our conferences are more interactive, informative and faster paced.  We are reaching out to clubs more effectively and getting better feedback. And we have had fun throughout the year!

Being your Governor has been an honor and a privilege.   From today up to September 30 as one of my final requests I ask each club to add 2 new members in support of this year's District team.  Club Recognition for 2009-10 ... Thank you.

Darryl Sim
AMS&NW District

Club Recognition for 2009-10


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