Friday, July 23, 2010

District Web Services Updated

OptiNews Blog Changes

We have added a Facebook 'Like' badge that links to our Facebook page.  If you have a facebook account, you can click the 'thumbs up' graphic to add it to your list of 'liked pages'.  We need at least 25 people to 'Like' our Facebook page so we can apply for a shortened website link.

In addition, you'll find a set of links to my 'Optimistgord' blog where I publish computer tips for volunteers.

District Website

Two important changes have been made.  The 'News' page now displays a summary of each new article posted on our District Optinews blog.  In addition, a link to the latest Optinews blog articles will appear on the District website 'Home' page. Anytime a new article is posted to our District Optinews blog, it will automatically update our District website.

District Facebook Page

I have also linked out Optinews blog to our District Facebook page.  When a new article is posted on our blog, it will also appear on the 'Wall' on our Facebook page.

Additional Changes in the Works

I plan to open a twitter account that will also be updated when a new article is posted to the District Optinews blog.  In addition, we will be adding the ability to store powerpoint slideshow presentations online, so everyone will be able to see some of the presentations after each District quarterly meeting.

If you have any other suggestions, please email me your ideas.

Yours in Optimism - Gord

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